KENNEL FILMS (so called because we were always in the doghouse spending more time filmmaking than at home) was formed in 1966 by Roy Marshall, Geof Hill and Mike George.

26 titles on 3 DVD's

All 26 titles in the form of 3 DVD's are kept in

Bristol Film and Video Society's archive.

WATCH: The Big Flap

The Big Flap

Taking off is easy - it's the landing that's the problem!

Made in 1970

WATCH: Tomorrow Has Been Cancelled

Tomorrow Has

Been Cancelled

Made in 1972 when 'electronic' music was becoming popular this is one man's interpretation of the new sound..

No hidden messages or obscure meanings - just creative imagination.

WATCH: Dead Man's Laugh

Dead Man’s Laugh

An escaped prisoner steals a car for a quick getaway.

Moral: Look in the boot!

Made in 1971.

WATCH: Pursuit


A fast-paced chase sequence around the streets of Bristol and the old warehouse district.

Moral: Leave the cat basket at home!

WATCH: Summer Changes

Summer Changes

Made in 1978 this is a period piece set in the 'twenties and tells of the changes in relationship between a young man and the two people closest to him, his father and his girl friend.

WATCH: Sound O Matic XL

Sound O Matic XL

In 1979 we invented a revolutionary new cine camera that doesn't use film.

Watch as we do field trials with this amazing breakthrough in camera design.


Sounds in a Propriate


We set out to make a film with all the WRONG music. The result?

Tree surgeons that fly and Peter falls in love .

Made in 1979.


We met once a week and for the next 13 years the group were at least prolific, as can be seen from the titles listed here.

Roy left in 1970 to pursue a teaching career and we were joined by Les Hughes,

Peter Heaven and Bob Bennett.

Sadly Geof Hill died in 1980 and the group folded but we continued to pursue our love of film making by joining Bristol Cine Society (now Bristol Film and Video Society).

We lost Les in 1994 but the three remaining Kennel mates are still in the doghouse as ex-committee members of BFVS!

Of the 26 titles, 7 of the ‘most watchable’ can been seen here:

(click the framegrab).