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3 January 2017  HAPPY NEW YEAR



PLEASE READ THE WHOLE PROGRAMME THROUGH. Particular items to make a note of are:

  LOTS OF FILMS.  We’ll start with a remake of this 40 year old film so please, watch it now.

Due to professional commitments, visiting speakers may need to change dates. Please check before travelling long distances

Meetings start at 7.30pm and finish around 10.00pm

WATCH Pursuit

As well as the formal business there will be time for a discussion about what the Society should be doing.

Plus planning the ‘Experimental Day’ (Saturday 11th March) and the ‘Film and Barbecue’ (see 3rd June below).

Also planning a new documentary.

There will be a report on the progress of the Downs film and the showing of the rough cut


We will hold a special day to experiment for example ‘bullet-time or flow-mo

shots’ (see, plus experimenting with other special effects e.g. bullet hits on objects and people, firing an arrow at somebody, explosions with and without actors in shot, actor falling off high building etc.

Saturday 11 March  8.00am - 8.00pm

Experimental Film Day in the crypt of St Paul’s Church Southville.

Thalia Goblet and certificate for the winner.

21 March  Competition Night

The evening where the members judge members films.

Details on the Competitions web-page

       (any subject, max 10 minutes)

The winner will receive the Jack Baker Trophy and a certificate.

Saturday 18 March  The Gloucester Inter-club Film Competition

Hosted by: Tewkesbury YMCA Movie Makers at The Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury.

Last year we won this competition with ‘Requiem for Caffeine’.

This year we have entered Diana Taylor's 'Dockside Dreaming' and 'Kabul Sunset' with music added to it.

CLICK HERE for a map of

Tewkesbury Town Centre

        (the next meeting)

A must for anybody interested in being involved in club productions in 2017.

Please note an earlier start time of 6.45pm  LOTS TO DO!

We will film and do the post-production for an ultra short film “The Oldest Member”

We will shoot some footage for a new poetry film (This is part of a major project not just a training exercise).

This will be a challenging evening where everyone will have to get stuck in and help. Everyone will have a job.

An excellent evening for new members to get hands-on experience of group filmmaking.

17 January  Green Screen – Practical Session

The Society is planning an experimental day on 11th March to try out some very exciting processes and techniques.

With a view to making the utmost of the evening, we are holding a planning meeting tonight for all members interested, at;

Bristol Photographic Society

13, Montpelier Central, Station Rd


BS6 5EE.

the venue of the experimental day itself at 6:45 pm.

24 January, 6.45pm   Planning an Extraordinary Experimental Day

BPS studio's offer an excellent opportunity for us, to exploit their superb facilities.  With this in mind, the meeting will be one with which, to explore and discuss the possibilities.

Further discussion will continue in the nearby Prince of Wales pub at 8 pm (for those who cannot make the early start at BPS).

Part 1 - Making a Good Documentary - Is it in the editing?

We will watch The Battle of Quebec and the director will explain how it was assembled at the editing stage from limited live action footage and still images.

It is hoped that this will generate considerable discussion.

Part 2 - Planning our club promo. This will be a click option on the Home Page of our web site

7 February  Two Part Evening

Documentary Editing / Making a Promo Film

7 March  Planning a Mini Epic

Tonight we will plan how we will shoot our versions of the Mini Epic.

The challenge is to make a new version of this 40 year old film.

A good challenge as there is limited dialogue but scope for artistic photography possibly in little known or even grotty areas of the City.

A great evening for both new and existing members.

WATCH Pursuit

This year we will be inviting other groups to take part and make their own versions.

18 April  Lighting the Difficult

How do you light a whole room? What if the room is in darkness? What if an actor walks through the room with a candle or torch. We will be advised by professional

cinematographer Richard Harris.

2 May  Using a Presenter in Documentaries

Note venue is same as normal but in a different room.  If unsure which room ask for "The Party Room"

A panel led evening with illustrated clips

This event might be suitable for actors as well as filmmakers. Any actors interested please come along.

Television uses presenters all the time and they are becoming more common in non-professional films.

Are they a good idea?

16 May  Sound Mixing – How do you do it?

We welcome as our special guest this evening award-winning sound editor, Ania Przygoda.

Ania will show us how to get the balance between background sounds and dialogue correct, then mix in the music as well.

6 June  Films by Other Bristol Filmmakers

20 June  Shooting the Mini Epic

Tonight a crew will be filming on location.  If you would like to join the shoot - a good chance for hands-on filming then please e-mail

The club room will be open for those not on location and we will be running a fun filming event.

More details of the fun filming event HERE

19 September  Using 'Hit Film' Special effects software.

17 October  Filming Virtual Reality with a Robot

7 November

Bristol, from A to Z                  Bristol’s Aerospace Heritage          Capture

The first club showing of the film Bristol, from A to Z. With presentation by the filmmakers on the scripting, shooting and post production of the film.

JUDGED IN ADVANCE by a professional filmmaker this competition is the BIG one.

Eagerly fought for every year since 1965.

21 November

Rules and Entry Form HERE

The RAY BUCKLAND CUP for Best Composition and The DON SMITH TROPHY for Best Narration and/or Spoken Word can also be awarded.

The Don Smith Trophy The Ray Buckland Cup The Annual Trophy

52nd Annual Trophy Competition

Any subject

No limit in duration

This can be a group or individual effort

Annual Trophy and certificate for the winner

Burris cup for the entry placed second.

Extra Events

In addition to the main programme it is hoped to organise some pure social events – skittles, quiz etc.

During the year we are also hoping to arrange a visit to a relevant professional facility.


We welcome as our special guest this evening Lighting Cameraman and Director of Photography,

Stewart Mackay

5 December   Mince Pies on the Beach – The Lost Art of the Holiday Film

How many filmmakers, even famous ones, shot their first ever footage on holiday? But how to do it well?

Bob Bennett, a filmmaker experienced in documentary and fiction films will tell us about his other life as a maker of holiday films. (Special Christmas treat – mince pies)

16 January   MicFest!

All you ever wanted to know about microphones and how to use them.

2 January  Experiments

An experimental evening where we can test wild ideas.

20 February  Annual General Meeting

3 April   Planning for the Mini Epic

17 April   A Film from Stills + Simple Animation

Making a film from stills. The Ken Burns effect or even simple animation – the old Captain Pugwash method of animation.

15 May   The Very Short Documentary

In the age of You Tube writing the very short documentary.

Look at the viewing numbers on You Tube and see that if you want an audience for your films then a short production on You Tube may be worth considering. It is hoped that this evening might lead to some new films being made in the autumn by individual members and groups of members.

Thalia Goblet and certificate for the winner.

20 March   Competition Night

The evening where the members judge members films.

Details on the Competitions web-page

       (any subject, max 10 minutes)

The winner will receive the Jack Baker Trophy and a certificate.

5 June  180 Minute Challenge

We shoot small films, edit them and project them all in one evening.

Saturday 3 March  The Gloucester Inter-club Film Competition

Hosted by: Cheltenham Videomakers at The Reddings Community Centre starting at 2.30pm

1 May   Shooting a Period Film

Period films can be very cinematic and, if linked to a true story, may attract a general audience.

They also don’t date as quickly as contemporary films. However they obviously have considerable complications.

The production issues can apply to drama or reconstruction used for documentaries.

6 March Directing Actors


19 June   John Howden – The Quiet Boffin

(computer animation and CGI)

We review the amazing animation and CGI work of the late Doctor John Howden

. . . an alphabetical amble through the city – 26 short, informative vignettes, spanning history and historians, rivers, places, poets, painters, and inventors; the great, the good, and the grandiose – an exuberant celebration!

Also a brief announcement about an exciting new club project

Bristol’s Aerospace Heritage came about after members of the club were invited in May 2017 to enter a film into the West of England Aerospace Forum (WEAF) Film Awards. The organisers were looking for "original Aerospace films to inspire a generation”!

Gordon had just directed Bristol Revisited, which included a substantial section on the aerospace industry, so it occurred to us that it would be relatively easy to carve a short section from it into a new film specifically for this competition.

Bristol’s Aerospace Heritage was one of the finalists in the competition.

We’ll have another look at

Tim Braithwaite’s surreal film Capture.

Tim was runner-up with this film in last years Annual Trophy Competition.

Feeling caught in a hum-drum existence, over which he has little control, a man seeks solace in Scotch Whiskey and the maintenance of a huge butterfly collection.  He finds himself re-evaluateing its worth however, after finding an old camera.

Richard Harbutt of Owl VR  - VR camera setup, mounts and robotics, will make a VR recording in the clubroom.  He will then show us how it is stitched together on a computer.

Richard is also an actor who has appeared on TV and in feature films.

He is quite an engaging speaker.

Looks like it could be a fun evening.

Brain the size of a planet and they get me making the tea?

Often textbooks tell us about static lighting – three-point etc. but we make movies where things on view move and the camera often moves. How do you keep a moving actor lit and with no difficult shadows? It gets worse when the prime source of light is being carried by the actor; for example a torch. What if it is a candle? Does the candle itself provide the light? If not what do you do?

4 April  Report on the Experimental Film Day

We will watch the footage shot on the day, review what we  have learnt and  see what we can incorporate into future films.

Reports on Filming Bullet Time shots, Filming a Fight, Filming Weightlessness, Filming Bullet Hits and Stop Motion Animation.

Junior Dragons Day Event

Last December five volunteer members of BFVS

filmed a Junior Dragons Den event at the Bristol Hotel.

The event was run by Envision as part of the Community Apprentice Programme.

Tonight, Tony Orr and Julian Baldwin will explain

what it was all about and show us the results of their labours.

The evening will also include reports on filming sessions that members have recently participated in.

SPECIAL EVENT – 25 April  A visit to somewhere grotty

WATCH Pursuit

To help with inspiration an outing to an ‘interesting’ area

of the City to inspire creative photography and filming, of particular use for this years Mini Epic.

Arranged to meet at the back of ‘A’ and ‘B’ Bonds

(Approx post code BS1 6XN - (MAP) at 7.30pm and end up

in the Cottage pub, Baltic Wharf, Cumberland Rd,

Bristol BS1 6XG for 9.00pm

The Mini Epic plan is to remake this 40 year old film.


We welcome writer and director Michael Morris as our special guest this evening.

Michael will show us a selection of his short films to support the main event which is the screening of MERCS.  Afterwards he will show us ‘the making of’ and invite questions and answers.

MERCS features some actors and locations very familiar to BFVS members and some members were part of the crew.

More about the film HERE.

Watch the official trailer HERE.

1 August  How do you make a Music Video?

Shooting and editing a music video including recording

the sound.

This evening may lead to a later hands-on practical session(s).

4 July  Professor Martin Rieser: Interactive Film

This is an illustrated talk on the forms and conventions for interactive film in various media settings, ranging from video installations to virtual reality and mobile device delivery.

The works shown will include the speaker’s own work and that of other pioneering practitioners who have used and understood this form of cinematic delivery.

Read Martin Rieser CV HERE

5 September Sound Recording

Professional sound recordist Tim Hunt will join us this evening.

Read Tim Hunt’s CV HERE

18 July  Experimenting with Green Screen

A follow on session from the January meeting working on more advanced techniques.

A hands-on session.

15 August  Hands-on Filmmaking

We will be shooting a three-minute drama written by one of our members.

We will be shooting the whole film in only a couple of hours so we will be working with a big crew. This will need everybody there to participate, so it really will be hands-on filmmaking. It is likely that everybody who comes will have a task.  Lots of film crew jobs to be filled, particularly helping with lighting and sound + clapper board,

make-up and including assistant director etc.


Neal writes:

This list is probably not in order but some of the most useful parts of the program members may be interested in.

Note:  The first ten minutes of this meeting will be devoted to an

Extraordinary General Meeting to deal with some of the Society's administration matter.

3 October  Filming a Part of Aviation History

Jim Godman's career in aerospace has inspired him to make his first film. It's an ambitious promo-trailer to launch the idea of a full-scale commercial film for general release. This inspirational 'pump-primer' film recounts the life of Samuel Franklin Cody, a Wild West showman and early pioneer of manned flight.

Historical scenes have been shot and editing is underway.

Come and learn about a fascinating character before the film hits the big screen!

Also we will be showing the results of the green screen evening held on 18th July.

The closing date for entries in the 52nd Annual Trophy Competition is October 30th.

Entries please to Competition Secretary, Susan Cockwell using a YouTube compatible format.


We have to send them to Stewart Mackay who will judge them. Stewart lives in Tasmania and will join us in a live Skype link-up on competition night (21 November).

Download Competition Entry Form HERE

Stewart will appear in a live Skype link-up from his home in Tasmania.

He will have seen all the entries and will comment on each.

We plan to award trophies on his behalf after the coffee break

Download printed programme

CLICK to download printed programme

Read an overview of Stewart's  experience HERE

Visit his website HERE

Burris cup

There will be a presentation ‘Sounds Good - the art of recording sound for video: selecting the right microphone, and where to put it!’, a video of the performance of a Rycote Softie in windy conditions, and comparisons of popular mics to give members an idea of what they may need and the sort of budget they should expect. Hopefully there will be star turns by our own sound experts, including setting up Zero dB!

6 February  Reviewing Mini Epics

We review all the Mini Epic versions with the help of an expert.

Also the various edited versions of the film (Count to Three) shot in the club room on 15th August will be shown and reviewed.

19 December  We will be running a fun filming event on the Mini Epic theme of 'Pursuit'



And yet more mince pies

#meeting programme