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WE HAVE A LARGE NUMBER of music cds, specifically aimed at visual productions, i.e. each disk not only contains full length tracks, but also a number of 'shorts' and 'stings' where the main theme of the track is repeated in shorter versions, maybe only a few seconds long.

There are 67 disks in all, covering a wide variety of themes, and we have catalogued them on a spreadsheet. Each disk is denoted by serial number, title, brief description of its content, number of tracks and stings.

We propose that this library should be made available to any member of the club to borrow and use for his/her own productions. So that we can keep tabs on where each disk is, we propose that a refundable deposit of £5 should be paid when a disk is borrowed. This will, of course, be refunded when the disk is returned.

If a member wishes to borrow a disk from the library then he/she should email We will arrange for the disk(s) to be brought to the next club meeting.

Please note that these disks are NOT "copyright free", but they are useable for member's personal productions or for our own club competitions, when they will be covered by our club IAC licence. For entry into external competitions, members should make their own arrangements to obtain clearance. The music should NOT be used on any productions that are likely to have commercial status.

Download the catalogue as a spreadsheet : Microsoft Excel - or as a pdf file : Adobe Acrobat