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DURING THE EARLY 1980's, W.B.J. Higgins (Joe) decided to research the history of this society. His efforts were written up in a document that we affectionately call, 'The Tome'. In order to preserve it, and to make it available for all to read, an electronic copy was made.

Download it as a doc or pdf file. (32 pages)

WHEN W.B.J. Higgins (Joe) retired in 1984 ‘The Tome' wasn't handed on so his research ended at that time. In an effort to bring the history of our society up to date, Ex chairman, Bob Bennett has done some research and his contribution, in the form of an article, can be found HERE.

SMALL GROUPS, formed from within the society, have come and gone over the years. Here you will find a page or two about three of them and a link to the current one, Bristol Films.

Bristol Films 2009 -


Kennel Films

1966 - 79

Falcon Films

Falcon Films 1976 - 80

Golden Unicorn Film Unit 1964 - 73

Golden Unicorn Bristol Films

NEWS ITEMS are kept on this site for one year and then become history.

In 2003 we started to collect these items together into a list which can be browsed HERE.

This list together with ‘The Tome’ and Bob Bennett’s article have now become our new Tome - an electronic one.