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Knot of Rope

The Knot of Rope

Written by David Price

Read  a one page treatment here as a MSWord document or a pdf file.

This is a radical new approach to making a film and how some club evenings are organised.

The intention is that over the next year we will on an occasional basis make a film as a group including, when appropriate, inviting in experts to guide us through the various stages.

Inside the Avon Gorge

The Clifton Rocks Railway Trust had a film made in 2006 about their endeavours to restore what was the world's largest underground funicular railway. They have asked us to plan and film a fresh version.

Google Map

Google Map

Read David’s synopsis of the film HERE.

Set in 1963 this full length feature film is in the

early stages of planning and story-boarding.

Convent Close

A short ghost story about the haunting of a new house.

Why is America called America?


Short documentary featuring live action and graphics.

A horror film about spectral forces taking revenge on a murderous group.

Read a synopsis of the film HERE.

See photographs and details of the first shooting session HERE.

Count to Three

Written by Merlin Goldman.

Two men in a suicide pact confront each other.

See photographs and details HERE

See photographs and details HERE